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                            ♦  read the motion very carefully  ♦

♦ My jewellery are handmade with a traditionnal production technics, and a little bit of coincidence. They are unique pieces and I can’t reproduce them manually as the exact same as the originals. It is not something I consider for now. I work by instinct most of the time and on the very principle of a “collection”, but if you have any questions or particular requests, please let me know and feel free to contact me. (my english are not always good but I can try !)


Slight differences of colours can appear beetween screenview’s pictures and the real product.


♦ Brass becomes oxidized in contact with air and skin, at the end he will weather to an other colour. There are no real effective methods to evoid that ; put your jewellery in the jewellery box provided to protect them when you don’t wearing them.



It is not recommended to wear jewellery in the following cases (it’s a non-exhaustive list) :


• During sports (because of the sweatiness, it will accentuate metal’s oxidation)

• When using cleaning or chemical products.

• It is not recommended to use parfumes or body lotions with the jewels.

• During bath, shower, in swimming pool or on the beach.





→ Shipping charges are not included in the jewel’s price, I send my creations mostly in France until now, but you can let me know your localisation so I could informe you on the cost and the possibilities to ship in other countries.



Please verify ring size :


Check your ring size here (notice that the ring had to pass the phalanx)


The rings are ajustable over their normal size only : one ring size 58 can be elarge to size 59, 62… but can’t get narrower than size 58.  




You can see the details of jewels’s dimensions and sizes under every pictures,



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